Autonomous Vehicles and Design Innovation

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This year marks the twenty-third anniversary of TMACOG’s Transportation Summit. The event is designed to share information and facilitate networking among elected officials, urban planners, and transportation experts from northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

This year’s program features three informative panels, refreshments, and a buffet luncheon. Plenty of time is built into the day to make new connections with counterparts from across the region. Approximately 200 people are expected.


Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies will soon transform what it means to “drive” in the biggest revolution in transportation since the horseless carriage. Public officials and infrastructure planners question how this phenomenon will reshape our communities, alter roadway design, and change how people and goods move. This session will assess the CAV impact on urban form, site design, and the potential for new redevelopment opportunities brought about by reduced parking needs. Also explored are local and state policy implications

This session focuses on advances in design for roadways, intersections, and interchanges. Our network is changing to improve safety and congestion, and to support active transportation modes. Presenters will share strategies and decision factors regarding key projects. Gain insights on approaches to project design and selection, and examine factors that affect the project areas. Learn about methods to engage and educate the public on the use of innovative designs.  


Premier Banquet Facility
4480 Heatherdowns Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43614, US (map)

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